For Warriors … the rest will never understand it

No Bullshit Spirituality … Thoughts of a Modern Warrior

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” Carlos Castaneda

Living slow in the fast lane
 … 106 Stories: One Story, One Page

No Bullshit Spirituality is a “how to” book of true journeys forcing you to stop and meditate in “your world and what your soul would call upon your spirit to do in similar situations.

It is not a book of maxims on what I did, and what you should do. Rather it provides hard examples of obtaining desirable outcomes, and just as important as winning, I present my losses too at times. Self-analysis of my failures serves to be a better Warrior in life’s future battles.

NoBSS will help improve your life in dealing with intense pressure situations where there is no time to meditate in a peaceful environment; other stories support this with principles of acceptance of life as you discover it. 

This is what Warriors do – always meditating on who they are, they accept challenges; they transform themselves into survivors, graceful winners, and dignified losers by having the ability to keep mental clarity under pressure. Warriors panic after-the-fact; sheep panic before-the-fact. Only this way can Warriors make major strategic and tactical decisions. 

Too often spiritual books only provide generalities such as “meditate quietly,”“cross your legs and chant a mantra,” and more. Excellent for overall mental health when time permits. But what happens when a decision with no tomorrow must be made today and now?

I present in a practical and entertaining way, many real-life experiences where my actions to situations required immediate responses from deep within my soul.I do not require nor seek your approval of what I did; rather I ask you to consider what you would do in similar situations. You only have to answer to yourself. Basically, the book is serving your soul and spirit with “food for thought”. 

Why should you trust the book? Because the stories connecting actions with spirit and soul are all true. Warriors and Leaders understand and relate to this for there is no time to read a book when you’re on a plane on fire; or with a bomb aboard; or the last play of the game behind and 40 yards out. To do well, they see the good and bad in everyone when needed… and more. 

In short, Leaders and Warriors do what duties they have to do; with love; and without care for the fruits. The Bhagavad Gita. 

To begin with, study carefully the cover photos and think why I selected them and what is their connection to the Universal spirit.

As life is full of rules, the rule to reading this book is read the first story first and the last story last. The rest can be selected at random. The Universe will guide you.

NoBSS can also serve to discuss the stories with your friends and associates to generate a collective spirit about how each of you would do in a similar situation… to survive; to win; or to live with defeat. A book to savor and reread in slow motion while living in your fast lane.