The Warriors Creed of Others in Practice

On this page overtime, I intend to post other stories by either myself or others, including readers and followers who ask and consent that I do. Names will not be stated. After all, I am a lawyer. To be clear it is not a blog though it may evolve into this… or not. Warrior’s never know the future; and as one of the stories teaches: “the best laid plans, sometimes just get laid.”

 BUT, here is a story from a very close and well-known a friend:

Singing and Diving

She was flying when suddenly the airplane entered an air pocket and started diving from way, way up. On the way down people panicked, “I don’t want to die” and all the usual irrelevant bullshit. She started singing and told everyone something basically like this: “The Pilot is doing all he can to save us. We can help him by sending positive energy, by singing. Let’s sing!” Everyone followed her and sang. Somewhere a lot, lot closer to the ground, the plane leveled out. I would enter battle with her. She is a warrior. But do machines also have a soul and spirit that listens and responds to us all?