The Warriors Creeds… some Thoughts

According to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be that is the question”but to believe is the answer.

By JD James

 “Out of the depths of my darkest depressions grows forth out of the ashes the spark of life”

 It’s OK to get depressed so long as itis used to meditate and think with an open mind. Let any thoughts come forth like a movie playing before us; don’t think; the answer comes out from deep within and we rise ready for the next battle.

“Only if the goal is imperative not to lose, is the goal worth winning.”

          or to put it another more serious way, to understand the stakes

“Only if the goal is worth dying for is it worth living.”

Everyone tells us to think positive and visualize the desired, positive end result. What about losing? This default view blinds us to an objective look of what is out there. A Warrior must live with the result including failure. If you cannot accept the failure, then find another battle if it is not too late.

“Living in thoughts of what could have been feels good, but… it’s mental masturbation”

The falsity of feeling good.

“Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword… but it’s good to have a sword too.”

The falsity of believing that we are always all in this peacefully together with lovey-duvey, smooches and kisses.

And another creed not from the book:

“Leadership is not about having a perfect team. What I do, and what I have always done, is seek perfection from whoever is on my team – including from myself; i.e. to exceed our limits that even we thought not possible; and that is God’s perfection of our Spirituality existing in the Universe.

By G. Chatzistergiou from his book: “Masquerade Ball”

“You play war on a board game and you think it makes you a warrior?”

And of course, Kazantzakis, Cavafy and others (all from Story 98)