What JD James Does Today

Negotiations Training

J.D. James is available for lectures in negotiations but from an entirely different approach: most people prepare for negotiations in automatic manner, driven by the mantra “win-win”.

The problem with always thinking “win-win” is that it blinds us to strengths & weaknesses; possibilities; position and abilities of the other side and more. The result is I demand this, you demand that, and we compromise and go home happy. Well, this really only works in price negotiations.

We must never forget that there are three other outcomes which should be taken into account ahead of time and during the negotiation. Other results are more appropriate at times due to:

-the situation, goals, and subsequent position

-the opponent’s total power and personality aura

-your own ability, strengths and weaknesses emanating from your self-aura

As for limited power: What counts at the table is what you can do with your own power, even if limited, to make or break a deal; to make or break the other side; and of course, make or break you.

The interactive workshop take into account specific needs and requests of the participants.

 Negotiation & Mediation

He is also available to serve as a mediator or negotiator – two entirely different goals.

Film Lecture: “What Does an International Film Producer Really Do?”

A humorous and entertaining presentation for the public and film students to better appreciate what really goes on to produce a film i.e. how a Producer must balance life all day, everyday.

Writer – Producer – Author

And without saying, he writes scripts, novels, and produces.

He can be reached through the Contact Page