Women as Warriors and the Stories


The stories may seem only male oriented but make no mistake, they apply to and for Women as well. It just happened in my life that most situations I faced involved men; and luckily, often times, it was Women who protected me – and still do.

Women don’t let egos get in the way – they think clearly; they fight to win and that’s it. Next battle. In my mind, Women and Men are equal as Warriors; each in her or his own way.

Men who forget that, do so at risk of great loss or defeat.

Read about the Amazon Warrior Women from Greek mythology. No one knows if they existed or not, but something is probably there as myths are often based on events that happened long ago; and forgotten over time, they became deified. The Amazons were equivalent to Spartans who did exist. Who knows, maybe the Spartans were inspired by the Amazons. By the way, Spartan Women also knew how to fight in case they had to defend the city and their homes if their Men lost.

 There are many more Leader and/or Warrior Women throughout the history of the world. They all have a new perspective to teach us.